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 In this review I'd like to give you my honest and unbiased opinion about George Brown's  GOOGLE  SNIPER  PROGRAM - TO  VISIT THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE,  CLICK  HERE

  We live in uncertain and financially challenging times – nobody will deny that.   Instead of looking forward to the month end  pay cheque, we dread month end, because we know that the cheque is not going to cover everything that it needs to cover.   Stress and anxiety has become part of our lives as a result of ever rising bills.   Many people are with their backs against the wall, lost their jobs, desperate to earn a living or an extra income.   Does that sound familiar?   Are you really sick and tired of falling short every month?   Then read on.

 Sometimes we see people driving round in their flashy cars and we go past the mansions in which they live and you ask yourself:   how can they afford it?  I’m here to tell you that there are  many people who actually can afford it.   There are people out there who earn millions of dollars every year and live the lifestyle many others could hardly dream of.  How do they do it?   You’re about to find out.


George Brown was a youngster in his early twenties when he made his first million through internet marketing.   Since then money kept rolling in for him.   He decided to share his know how with others and his program Google Sniper was born.   George was a furniture mover who desperately wanted to get out of the rat race.   He went through a bad patch in his life when he was $8000 in debt and struggling to make sense out of affiliate marketing – he experienced the same problem with the ‘gurus’ as me and possibly you,  and that made him angry enough to get going with his own research.   He discovered that there was  a  $196 billion market out there, waiting to be tapped into, and that’s exactly what he does with his Google Sniper sites.

  I don’t know how much you know about affiliate marketing, or how hard  you have tried to find useful information on internet marketing, or even how many information products you might have bought and lost interest in, because they were taking you exactly nowhere.   Maybe you are downright despondent  and disillusioned about making any extra dime on the internet, ever!   Don’t despair, help is at hand and you can learn  more in this review on Google Sniper.


What is Google Sniper?

Google Sniper  is designed to teach people how to set up small websites where they  sell affiliate products.   The step-by-step course teaches you all the secrets how to create  a successful website,  choose the right product to promote  and then, finally, how to get exposed to thousands of hungry buyers.   You have to understand that there are secrets about affiliate marketing that you don’t know, especially if  your  are a beginner and without that knowledge you might as well not even try.   In fact there are many seasoned marketers who also follow the principles taught in Google Sniper 2.0 which is a modification of the original product, after  recent Google updates.

The formula that George uses to make his sites real ‘snipers’ is based on the principle of Exact Match Domains which helps the websites to rank well and get lots of traffic.    Because the sites virtually run on autopilot, they don’t need a lot of maintenance and with the time that you save you can  continue  to build more and more Google sniper sites that will earn you more and more money continuously.     There is no need to spend a lot of time building links to get traffic to your sites, because the system is designed to do it all for you.

In short, Google Sniper is a top selling guide to teach affiliate marketing with a simple,  effective technique
that works consistently and easily.   Curious?


What Google Sniper is not.

Google Sniper is not some get-rich-quick-scheme which will make you and overnight millionaire.   It is not a ‘few-easy-clicks’ software program that you eventually can’t figure out how it works.   George is not that kind of guru.  Google Sniper is not about article writing.   You don’t have to know FTP  or  HTML.  You don’t have to create a product of your own.    You don’t have to try and impress people on forums and social sites.   Google Sniper sites take care of themselves.   And that's why I love this program so much.

It is necessary to note though, that nothing is guaranteed – until such time as we do something towards what we’d like to achieve.   Google Sniper gives you the tools, but only you can put them to use.

How does Google Sniper work?

The program has some crucial features which are missing in other programs.   According to George the process involves three steps:
             Step 1 – follow along and copy, finding the right keywords
             Step 2 – build  the sniper site following the instructions and get it live on the internet
             Step 3 – utilize a few other secret techniques and watch your bank account grow.

The system is based on getting free targeted traffic and to be able to do that, you have to have the right keyword – this is key and George holds nothing back.   The tactics and strategies he follows attract the sought after traffic and you need not worry about having to spend  lots of time on writing pages and pages of article content,  forums, social media and PPC.   Only focus on what he teaches, build your sites and then enjoy living your life.   And what’s more, no money is spent on traffic generation which means that all the money you make is pure profit.
Is Google Sniper easy to use?
My answer is, yes.
When you log in to the members’ area you’ll  receive a warm welcome from George, giving an overview of the program and diving right in explaining the first things you need to do to get started.   The members’ area is very easy to use.   It’s divided in a few tabs only and nothing is confusing.

  •  Google Sniper 2.0  tab  is where you’ll find the actual content of the course.   There are 7 videos with an introductory eBook and the Google Sniper Manual.   Very useful is are the process maps, outlining the process and helping you to keep track of what you’ve been doing.
  •  Further Training tab  offers you  8 additional videos taking you deeper into the process with strategies to help you refining your skills.
  •  Empire Module tab   has 7 videos with an outsourcing blue print.
  •  Rolodex tab  is where you can find a list of all the tools you need.
  •  Sniper X tab houses 23 videos that cover new techniques and updates as well as a number of Q&A webinars George has had.
  •  Support tab.   Ever so important and needless to say, the support is really great.
It is essential that you use both the manual and the videos – they go hand in hand.   Don’t rely on the videos
only, they supplement what is taught in the manual.   The process maps outline the entire process and help you to spot things you might have missed out.   They’re also easy to use instead of having to refer back to the main course all the time.

 What can I expect to find inside Google Sniper?

Let’s have a closer look at what the course covers.
  •  Module 1 – how to pick a product.   George introduces you to Click bank and a few other affiliate    programs.  He explains how to go about picking the right program to promote and what important things  to look out for.
  •  Module 2 – finding keywords.   He explains in depth how to find keywords that meet the sniper criteria.There is quite a bit of information to digest, but it gets easier as you go along and in the end you’ll develop a natural  feel for it.   The secret is perseverance, I would say.
  •  Module 3 – how to install your Word Press blog and get the theme.    I found this module really helpful, because he shows the  technical aspects involved and makes it really easy to follow and understand.   He also tells you which plugins are important and how to install them.
  •   Module 4 – preselling.  Here George explains the importance of preselling and how to go about it.   He also goes  into  more detail about themes and pictures – what works best and how to use them.
  •  Module 5 – links.   How to get your affiliate links and also how to cloak them.   Another very insightful module.
  •  Module 6 – create your site.  In this module George goes more into the technical side of things and show you how to make posts, add pages and pictures, and personalize your blog.
  •   Module 7 – how to get ranked in Google.  He looks at  various ways how to do this - needless  to say how important this step is.   He also covers social media here, the importance of videos and how to ping your site.     
After these 7 modules, in the Further Training section, he goes deeper into the aspects he taught in the fist stage.
  •  Video 1 – the secrets to high conversion.    Traffic is important, but conversion is more important.   You also need to know the demographics of your buyers and what they exactly want.
  •   Video 2 – what can go wrong with your site and how to fix it.
  •  Videos 3 and 4  - back linking.   Although this is not his favourite activity, and I fully agree, backlinking is important to get your site noticed.   He explains how he does it.
  •   Video 5 – getting traffic using social media.
  •   Video 6 – products that convert.   George takes a look at a few that converted well for him in the past and others to stay away from.
  •    Videos 7 and 8 – CPA .   How t go about it and how to choose CPA offers.                               
After having followed all George has taught so far, you will eventually reach a stage where you are ready to build an empire and that’s what he shows us in his Empire Module.   This module is really an eye opener with extremely helpful advice about outsourcing.

Over and above all  this, training continues in the Sniper X series where more intensive and lesser known tactics are covered, such as using the correct plugins, how to find profitable keywords, internal and external linking, niche ideas and generation, off line marketing using your sniper sites, media buys, solo ads and copy writing tips, to name but a few.   There are also recordings of webinar trainings which contain really valuable information.

Why do I need Google Sniper?

Many people get interested in internet marketing with stars in their eyes, believing that they are going to be rich in a short time,  only to give up a few months later, frustrated, angry and even doubting themselves.  There’s a very good reason for this and if you’re in the same position, you’re not alone.   The problem lies with the so called ‘gurus’ out there who make us believe that we can get rich overnight at the push of a button – with their wonderful software of course!   They are so clever with their words that we believe every lie they tell us.  They  keep us in the dark by not telling us how exactly to use their software, which will force us to keep on buying their so called magic products which they teach us absolutely nothing about!   And so the circle goes.

I know all of this, because I’ve been there too.   I just couldn’t find something that could really help me – it
was either  pages and pages full of theory without a word of what you really need to do, or the training was rather wishy-washy and left me clueless.   Until I came across George Brown’s Google Sniper.  And there it was, crystal clear.   He teaches you the first thing you have to know about affiliate marketing – step by step, What more do you want?   And girls, does he have a sexy voice!   You’ll love it.

                   LISTEN  TO  HIS  VOICE  RIGHT  HERE.

How much money do I need to get started?

Rest assured, not a bag full.   George tells us that he has spent $68 000 on research alone and it stands to reason that he will not just give his product away for free, but he makes it very affordable for anyone who wants to try it out.   After all the purpose of Google Sniper is to help people who want to start making money, and who cannot afford to pay much.   I’m sure he would have loved to get his own back on the gurus, but they don’t need the product – remember, they have their own smart products.

Something else to remember is that you don’t need a lot of money as ‘running cost’.   Your traffic comes for free and soon your sites will begin producing.   So, $47 can get you started and George is so confident about his product that he gives a full money back guarantee.   You can use the system and if you’re not happy you can ask  your money back within the first 60 days.   The only thing that I personally don't like, is the fact that you have to pay a monthly fee to be a member of the site.   But on the other hand, this is what makes it affordable for most people.   His program is worth a few thousand dollars and nobody has money lying around to waiting to spent, these days.  So the monthly payments make it easier to afford and once you start making money with your sniper sites, the monthly expense disappears in the mist.

So, to sum up,  if you’re looking for a solid training program that  teaches you from start to finish how to do your keyword research, how to set up your sites, how to get traffic and ultimately, how to make money on line, then this is the program for you.   That’s what Google Sniper did for me and that is what I hope it'll do for you too.  TAKE  ACTION  NOW,  CLICK  BELOW